Understanding Sephardic Jews With Ari Afilalo

History of Sephardic Jews

In the medieval period, Jews were primarily categorized into two forms, one is Sephardim and another is Ashkenazim. However, this seems to be very vague and erroneous concept. The term Sephardim has come to mean from the Hebrew word for Spain, that is Sepharad.

This term was initially used in the holy Bible. However its connection to Spain at that time is truly unlikely, but later it was used for Spain. Sephardim refers to Jews, basically a jewish community living in the countries such as Spain and Portugal. who were or descended from Jewish communities living in Spain and Portugal.

A huge difference is seen in the culture within the Sephardic world. Basically, there are two terms: Academic and Plural. According to the academic term, Sephardim are the Jewish people came from Iberia. On the other hand, the plural term is Sephardim and Sephardic is the singular one that indicates to a one Iberian Jew.

The early century of the Common Era during the Roman period, is commonly known as the existence date of the Jewish community. If we talk about the tradition among Spanish Jews, they consider the existence of the Jewish people from the decline period of the Second T in Jerusalem. There are many others who date the existence of Jewish community from the Babylonian exile.

Thus, there are a number of myths related to the origin of the Sephardic Jews. However, some events are totally erroneous about the History of Sephardic Jews and others are completely true.

Ari AFilalo is an active member of the Sephardic Jewish community in New York and in one the rare jewels who have helped preserve the heritage for the world to see.

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