The Status of Jewish Women in Public and Social-Ari Afilalo

The Status of Jewish Women in Public and Social Roles

The Status of Jewish Women in Public and Social-Ari Afilalo

Halacha is a Hebrew term which introduces the Jewish law. Halacha is all about living and behaviour of an individual in every phase of life and way standard Jewish people are directed to live. It includes everything about punishment for criminals, religious laws, eating and much more. In this blog, we will discuss the status of women in Halacha. Women are an important and an integral part of the society.  Below we will discuss the pure halacha status that is the legal status of women in the society.

The public and social roles of a woman-

  • It is important to mention here that women are invalid witnesses according to halacha law. It is clearly mentioned in the Tractate Shavuot and Bava Kama (covers the laws about oaths) that women are not valid as the witness and are not valid to testify even if two men are standing against her. She is even invalid to witness a marriage. Some rabbis are satisfied with this status as they believe that the women are not valid to go to some places where the civil disputes are being sought out.
  • The next important thing for women in the Jewish community is that women do not testify to judge. As written in the Tractate Niddah 49b, ¬†“Those who are valid to judge are valid to provide proof and there are those valid to give testimony who are not valid to judge.” As women are not invalid witnesses, therefore, they are invalid to sit in the judgment seat and are not valid to judge people.

Due to change in times and addition of western culture and civilization, the status of the women has changed a lot and still is changing. Ari Afilalo is an expert in the business as well as social issues and is a strong believer and follower of Judaism. He is a well-known personality of the United States. Want to know more about the status of the women in Judaism? Click here.

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