Sephardic Jews Food trends and culture you must know

Sephardic Jews Food trends

Strictly speaking, the Sephardic Jews are the people who lived in Spain or Portugal before being dispossessed in 1492. To refer to the Iberian Peninsula, the word used by the Jews in medieval times is taken from the name “Sephardic” by the name “Sephardic”.


Sephardic, primarily, is offspring from the Jews from the Iberian Peninsula. A major difference between the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews was the language. The language of the Sephardic, Judaism was Ladino (Judeo-Spanish, Judezmo,hakatia), which was originated in Spain and later communicated in communities in Turkey, North Africa, and the Balkans.


Ladino has been described best as a quote of Castilian Spanish, which includes the language of Hebrew, Turkish and other languages. However, there are those who now speak Ladino, and systematic efforts are being made to record the language. Sephardic Jews in Portuguese and Diaspora communities spoke mainly Portuguese, although numerous are Spanish speakers.


Jewish food is not going anywhere and is loved by all. From centuries, food is not only a portion of Jewish culture – apart from it, it has distinct Jewish besides other cultures. When medieval era came to Northern France, they found their beloved olive oil without a community to eat an important cooking fat that followed the Kosher rules that used to stop cooking with meat and milk.


The truth is that self-employ professionals do not know about Jewish food. Many of the first Jewish expatriates were Spain and Portugal Sephardic Jews, whose dishes were very close to the contents of their Mediterranean home.


Ari Afilalo is a one who is very much aware of Sephardic Jews and has written a book about Sephardic Jews culture. If you wanted to know more about Jewish culture then you can by studying the book written by Ari Afilalo.

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