Know More About International Trade Scenario From An Expert In Global Trading

International Trade Scenario

We all agree to the fact that The New Global Trading Order is one of the finest works produced on the subject by the highly qualified Ari Afilalo. The well written as well as well argued work of Afilalo is highly appreciable. In order to understand the International trade scenario, one must understand the relation between the trade and the state.

During Eighteenth To nineteenth century

If we talk about the trade order between the different states, it is connected to a larger order of states, an order we recognize as “constitutional”. This book gives us a general idea about how the global trading order developed from the eighteenth and nineteenth century trade policies of mercantilism.

All About The Twentieth Century

At the end of the twentieth century, all the forces of global capitalism created such a condition, allowing capital to go where it wanted to. Since the end of World War II, the international institutions lost their effectiveness that has ruled global trade.

At this situation, the need for new institutions was felt. There were some proposals that seemed to be an offer. The current trade order basically paid attention towards the liberalization of trade in goods and services.

A New Trade Norm Offered By The Author

  • The Enablement of global economic opportunity
  • A new institution
  • The Trade Council

Few Glimpse On The Global Trade And Business

In a nutshell, this piece of work is worth to read for those who are interesting to know about global trade law, history and economy. Through this book Afilalo remind us that international trade is not only crucial for both the prosperity and world peace as well. In this way, the book plays a significant contribution towards the thinking about the international trade order.

The book really works as a landmark in understanding the concept of global trade.

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