Important Facts About Sephardic Jews Explained By Ari Afilalo

Sephardic Jews

Who Are Sephardic Jews?

When we talk about Sephardic Jews, they are often called by different names such as Spanish Jews, Latino Jews, or Arab Jews. They are basically known as the descendants of those people who practiced Judaism in Iberia and North Africa. Ari Afilalo is an expert who has a vast amount of knowledge about the prominent facts related to Sephardic Jews.

Important Facts about Sephardic Jews and Their Descendants

  • Jews in Spain: In the history of Spain, the year 1492 is considered one of the most interesting years. Christopher Columbus, a foreign entrepreneur planted the Spanish flag on a continent that no Europeans knew about. The Jews living in Spain were ordered to leave the country under the threat of death. To understand the history of Hispanic Jews, it is very important to focus on the last point.

  • Jewish Conversos: Thus, most of the Jews adopted the Christian religion and converted to Christianity. They all preferred to leave the country and were branded for generations as ethnically Jewish conversos.

  • Crypto-Jews: The Crypto-Jews started practicing Judaism under the guise of Catholicism.

  • Jews in the US: There were many Hispanics who were living in the United States and across Latin America, who discovered their Jewish ancestry by accident.

  • Culinary Preferences: When it comes to food, the Sephardic people accommodated various food habits, as Ashkenazi Jews learned to love bagels and lox in Eastern Europe. Not only this, Sephardic Diaspora grew a culinary tradition of North African food like chickpeas and okra and dates.

  • Citizenship: There is no denying the fact that Spain expressed sad emotions as it expelled the Jews. As a result, they passed a law in 2015 that could confer citizenship to descendants of Spanish Jews.

The fact is that many Latino Jews are not Sephardic. After the Conquista, Many Ashkenazi Jews moved to Latin America and preferred to live in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Ari Afilalo explains the rich history surrounding the community in great detail and is also an active participant of the community in US.

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