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Ari Afilalo Tallit & Tefillin Cloths of Jews

In Judaism, clothing is one of the main concerns that reflects religious description. The dressing also shows the emotional state, social status, and Jew’s attachment to the other cultures and communities. The culture and place affect the dressing sense and clothing of the people. This happened with the Jews also. When the Jews were exiled from their place then they adopted and changed their clothing according to that.

In Torah, there is very less explanation of the clothing, either detailed or prescriptively. It is not much explained but it prohibits the blending linen and wool in the garments. This mixture of two  is known as Shatnez. In the same way, the mixture of different seeds and species of cattle is forbidden. In Torah, it prohibits women from wearing men’s clothes and vice versa. Moreover, there is no specification about the characters.

But it is important to mention that there is a great detail regarding the dressing of the priests specifically for the high-level priests often known as Rabies. They need to wear a white linen which is a sign of humanity. Later on, the white became the sign of purity and black showed a mourning state. Today, Jews tear a garment to show the mourning.

Some important accessories- Jews use some accessories that are considered as important. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Tallit- It is a big rectangular shawl made up of synthetic fibers, wool, and cotton. All four corners of the shawl are strings that are tied in a particular pattern. They are known for reminding the Jews their duties and responsibilities. In old times, men were the only one who used to wear such shawls (tallit) but some of the non-orthodox areas, women prefer and wear it while prayers.
  • Tefillin- It mainly contains two black leather boxes that are attached to the straps. With the help of these straps, these tefillin are attached. One of them is worn on the forehead on the hairline which is tied with the help of a strap. The knot of the strap is tied at the back of the head. In addition to that, the knot of the strap is a special one. The second tefillin are worn on the biceps. These tefillin also have a special knot.

Want to know more about the accessories of the Jews, contact Ari Afilalo. He is a Sephardic Jew with expert knowledge of the religion and its roots.

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