Cultural Values Of Sephardic Jews – Ari Afilalo

Sephardic Jews

Few Glimpse Of Sephardic Culture

The term Sephardic is derived from the Hebrew word Sepharad, which highly refers to Spain. When we look back to the late 15th century, we come to know that Sephardic Jews is basically descended from the Jews living in the Iberian Peninsula. Later, the term Sephardim was used in different meanings, including Jewish Communities in various parts of the world such as:

  • North Africa
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Greece
  • Turkey

Ari Afilalo is an expert who keeps his close eyes to the Sephardic culture that exhibits a very unique culture within the overall Jewish community. Sephardic people are said to be succeeded under the Roman rule. There came a tremendous change in their lifestyle with the rise of Christianity in the 3rd as well as 4th century.

Major Areas Of Progress

  • Slave Trading
  • Crafts
  • Finances

It is said that the Jews and Christians were separated at command of Church Council Of Elvira. The Sephardic Jews were asked to practice the religion of christians and convert their religion into christianity. They prospered again when the higher authority was handled by Muslims. Their active participation was mainly in the below mentioned areas:

  • Political Issues
  • Financial Affairs
  • Social As Well As Intellectual Circles

They lost their Golden period when Christian princes put their efforts to unite their kingdom. In this way, their four hundred period of good luck started to deteriorate and led them towards their decline.

Cultural Importance

A unique custom came into existence when the Sephardic people were expelled from Spain. At that time, Ladino was their cultural language. The rarely used language now, Ladino is basically the Judeo-Spanish language which is the blend of various languages, including:

  • Hebrew
  • Medieval Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

In a nutshell, we can’t deny the fact that Sephardim is a very interesting culture that flourished under the Islamic culture.

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