Cultural Aspects Of Latino Jews- Ari Afilalo


Sephardic Jews are said to be the descendants of people who practiced Jewish religion for a very long period. Ari Afilalo is an expert who has thrown a flood of light on the most interesting facts about Sephardic Jews. There are various different names given to these sephardic Jews such as:

  • Spanish Jews
  • Latino Jews
  • Arab Jews

History Behind The Year 1492

If we look at the historical background, the year 1492 had an interesting one for the people living in Spain. Christopher Columbus was a foreign entrepreneur who planted the Spanish flag in a continent. The most surprising thing was that not even a single European had any idea about that. In the same year, the first Spanish grammar book was published. Moreover, Jews were ordered to leave the country as well.


As a result, most of the Jews preferred to leave the country and adopted Christianity. Under the guise of Catholicism Crypto-Jews tried to hide their traditions and practiced judaism. Now, the main purpose of Spanish was to move to the America. The Hispanics practiced Jewish traditions without knowing the in depth of the cultural value.

The following practices were found to be disconnected from any consciousness of a Jewish past  as identified by A Jewish Association in New Mexico:

  • To lighten the candles on Friday night
  • Avoid eating pork
  • To observe the Sabbath on Saturday

In the Eastern Europe, Ashkenazi Jews cultivated the habit of eating bagels and lox. Apart from this, Sephardic diaspora started following a culinary tradition of North African food, including chickpeas, okra, dates, etc.

Spain feels nothing good about kicking out the Jews. In the year 2015, they passed a law, conferring citizenship to descendants of Spanish Jews.  If we ask the critics point of view, they assert that these requirements are onerous. In the similar way, Portuguese also passed a similar law, which  some Brazilians may be eligible for.

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