An Insight Into Jews Religious Clothing

Jews Religious Clothing

One of the oldest religions existing in the world is Judaism. People who follow them are known as Jews. They are almost 0.2 percent of the total world population. They have a very rich culture and rituals which is also influenced by the other cultures and geographical areas. Jews believe that God is the supreme power and he is the creator of the universe and judge of human affairs. There are some prophets and angels that are important and are believed to have some divine powers. In this blog, we will discuss some of the dressing styles for women and men.

Although there is no specific costume for the jews women mandated by the Jewish law. But some of the dictators have mandated dressing codes, especially for the Jews women. In addition to the influence of Jewish law and custom on the development of these dress codes, these codes were impacted by the geography and historical setting in which the costume developed, and the degree of the mixture in the broader, gentile community.

Head covering for the women- In almost every community, the head covering is mandatory especially for the woman. It is also seen that jews people ask their women to cut their hair and even shave them immediately after the marriage. But this is totally a myth. It is seen that some women cover their whole head while others allow some parts to be seen as is customary in each community. It is seen that in the 16th century, the women adopted the custom of wearing Sheytls, and wigs. In some areas of Georgia, Morocco, and Bukhara, Jewish women are seen with coifs. In this 21st century, wearing wigs a highly controversial issue among the orthodox group.

Head coverings for men- Unlike women’s hair covering, covering of men’s head has also become necessary in the last centuries. It is not mandatory in the Jewish laws. The head covering is only a custom practiced by certain people-Torah scholars-and at certain times, such as during prayers and benedictions. Men’s head covering was not yet universal or compulsory. In some areas, the jewish men are required to wear a hat, it is only required to identify them as Jews. The Kippah Srugah, a crocheted skullcap, has become an identifying mark of some Orthodox Jews and some members of the political party.

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