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Sephardic Latino Jews

There are only three things that a person requires in his life, these are food, water and love. Eating is so intimate, for sure. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you wish to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life. Thus, it would be appropriate to say that there is no sincerer love than the love of food.

And when it comes to the traditional food of Sephardic Jews, there is a vast kind of delicious food items available which can warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

Ari Afilalo, one of the biggest lovers of Sephardic Jews American food, provide great information about their tradition food. So, are you curious to know their tradition food? Yes? Keep reading the blog and get to know their culture and food more.

Geographic setting and environment

No doubt, there are approximately 6 million Jewish Americans live in every state of the nation, the highest populations are located in New York, California, and Florida, especially in many urban sites and areas.

Food has played a vital role in Jewish American lives since the first Jews came to New Amsterdam in 1654, most from Dutch colonies in Brazil. During the Colonial period, Jews accommodated their cooking to the foods produced regionally in their new homeland.

They learned to use various kind of food such as salmon, herring, and cod. However, they remained to keep the Jewish dietary laws or Kashrut. The second wave of Jewish immigrants came principally from Germany.

In the 20th century, Jewish American cooking has been replaced by the creation of ready-made food products, such as mixes and frozen foods.

Foods of Jewish Americans

Many foods that Americans have come to view as Jewish started in Eastern Europe, where most Jewish immigrants came from through the first half of the 1900s.

The food type of this place was normally simple and hearty. It involved ample of fat but was not so spiced.

Food Especially For Holiday Celebrations And Religious Purpose

Jews all over the world have a specific set of dietary limitations called the “Laws Of Kashrut”. They are based on sections found in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Thus, the food that follows these limitations is called kosher food. While many Jewish Americans recognize these laws.

The Jewish religion also defines several days of fasting throughout the year. This indicates Jews do not consume any food on some days.

Mealtime Customs

Most of the Jewish Americans see the same mealtime customs as other Americans in the area where they live. They usually eat three meals a day, and dinner is the foremost meal. The most special night of the week for religious Jews is “Friday”. It is the day when the Sabbath is greeted.



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